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Lazada Malaysia
Paradise Dynasty: Signature 8-Flavour Xiao Long Bao
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RM19 RM48.90
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Steamed buns are commonly eaten as a snack, much like fried spring rolls, gingerbread men, and nail grime. Chew on something else with today’s Groupon: for RM19, you get a basket of signature eight-flavour xiao long bao (RM29.90 value) at Paradise Dynasty in Bangsar Village II, Paradigm Mall, or Pearl Shopping Gallery.

Paradise Dynasty

Since its opening at Paradigm Mall in May 2012, Paradise Dynasty has lured dumpling devotees with its innovative dishes and plush dining ambiance. Snap photos of the restaurant’s golden sculptural centrepiece and imperial court chandeliers as eight flavoured culinary masterpieces deliver delightful experiences to taste buds. Serving under the Paradise food and beverage Group based in Singapore, Paradise Dynasty is part of the eight-brand empire which includes Paradise Inn and Kungfu Paradise. Paradise Dynasty has been featured in Eat Drink KL.

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