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Lazada Malaysia
Full Day Pass to Melaka Wonderland Theme Park & Resort
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RM23 RM55
91 bought

Theme parks serve as areas for relaxation, family vacations, and company outings for pranking unsuspecting bosses. Today’s Groupon avoids grounds for dismissal with a one-day pass to Melaka Wonderland Theme Park & Resort. Choose from:

  • 1-day pass for 1 child aged 12 and below for RM23 instead of RM32
  • 1-day pass for 1 adult aged 13 and above for RM27 instead of RM37.90

Melaka Wonderland Theme Park & Resort

Dive into oceanic roots in water wonderlands that consist of 11 rides and attractions catering to thrill-seekers and families alike. Being the first of its kind, the Tornado Chaser simulates whirlpools and reluctant kitchen sinks before tossing riders into waiting pools. 360 hectares of recreational forest surround water parks, providing fresh air for the young and young at heart, while those in between accept the responsibilities of tube and locker rental.

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