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Lazada Malaysia
Star Village: Chicken Chop or Mixed Grill Meal with Drinks & Dessert for 2 People
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RM29 RM105.30
1000 bought

Chickens make good pets as they wake their owners up at dawn, are easy to feed, and are always welcome at the dinner table. Today’s Groupon warms up to popular choices with a chicken chop or mixed grill meal at Star Village, available at three outlets in the Klang Valley. Choose from:

Chicken chop meal

  • Meal for 2 people for RM29 instead of RM76.30

Mixed grill meal

  • Meal for 2 people for RM55 instead of RM111.10

Each person gets

Chicken chop meal

  • Main course, choose 1
    - Cheezy chicken chop (RM23.90 value)
    - Honey chicken chop (RM23.90 value)
    - Sizzling garlic chicken chop (RM23.90 value)
    - Potato chicken chop (RM23.90 value)
    - Garlic chicken chop (RM22.90 value)
    - Black pepper chicken chop (RM19.80 value)
    - Brown sauce chicken chop (RM18.80 value)
  • Drinks
    - 1x iced lemon tea (RM6 value)
  • Dessert
    - 1x ice-cream (RM3 value)

10% service charges (RM3.29 value) and 6% GST (RM2.17 value)

Mixed grill meal

  • Choose 1 main course (RM38.90 value):
    - Mixed Grill No Beef with Mushroom sauce chicken, Brown Sauce lamb & Deep Fried Fish
    - Mixed Grill with mushroom sauce chicken, brown sauce lamb & black pepper beef
  • Served with potatoes, mixed vegetables, bun, and corn

10% service charges (RM3.89 value) and 6% GST (RM2.57 value)

Star Village

Since establishing its first outlet at Taman Desa in 1999, Star Village has expanded its business with additional branches in the Klang Valley. To satisfy customers’ appetites, the rustic-themed restaurant possesses a menu that entails over 120 food choices, capitalising on various Western favourites like Alaskan king crab, breaded shrimp with olive oil, and fruit tea.

Star Village does not serve pork but offers alcohol on its menu.

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