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Lazada Malaysia
Emerald Touch Health and Beauty Spa: 2-Hour Full Body Burmese Massage with Foot Reflexology for Up to 2 People
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RM58 RM156
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Jane learns the importance of choosing her words carefully while advising children after her kid took “eat your greens” too literally and attempted to eat her emerald ring. Today’s Groupon pores through a dictionary with a full body Burmese massage package from Emerald Touch Health and Beauty Spa in Kota Damansara. Choose from:

  • Package for 1 person for RM58 instead of RM98
  • Package for 2 people for RM108 instead of RM196

2-hour package includes

  • 1-hour full body Burmese massage (RM50 value)
  • 1-hour foot reflexology (RM48 value)

Emerald Touch Health and Beauty Spa

Experienced therapists with up to ten years of experience provide a wide range of services ranging from massages, facials, mani-pedi, hair treatments, waxing, eye lash curling, eye brow shaping, and ear candling. Customers who apply to be a privilege member of the centre get a privilege card that allows them to enjoy exclusive rights to make early reservations, given priority during promotions, and a free massage during their birthdays.

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