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Lazada Malaysia
Sunflower Brasserie: Saturday High Tea or International Buffet Dinner at The Royale Bintang Kuala Lumpur
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RM29 RM88
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Hungry people are often unpredictable, much like wild animals, the stock market, or wild animals left to operate the stock market. Today’s Groupon finds reassurance with a buffet meal at Sunflower Brasserie, The Royale Bintang in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Choose from:

High tea buffet

  • Buffet for 1 child for RM29 instead of RM59
  • Buffet for 1 adult for RM42 instead of RM59
  • Buffet for 2 adults for RM80 instead of RM118
  • Buffet for 4 adults for RM156 instead of RM236
  • Click here to see high tea menu

International buffet dinner

  • Buffet for 1 child for RM42 instead of RM84
  • Buffet for 1 adult for RM55 instead of RM84
  • Buffet for 2 adults for RM108 instead of RM168
  • Buffet for 4 adults for RM212 instead of RM336
  • Click here to see dinner menu

Menu is rotated on a daily basis

Sunflower Brasserie

Nestled within the majestic halls of The Royale Bintang hotel, Sunflower Brasserie welcomes guests with a Mediterranean-themed interior and an open kitchen to activate taste buds and photography skills. The restaurant offers a wide range of local Malay, Chinese, and Western favourites on top of signature dishes such as kari kepala ikan, ekor asam pedas, gulai tulang rawan, and gulai sotong sumbat. Wi-Fi access is also available for satiated office crowds and families to keep track of email updates and photo comments, while avid shoppers take a hike to nearby Sungei Wang and Lot 10 for impromptu shopping escapades.

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