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Caffé Bene: Up to 6 Packs of Caffé Bene White Coffee at 6 Outlets
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RM18.80 RM45.20
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A coffee enthusiast’s key to achieving peace in the struggles of daily life is to repeat a mantra of “bean there, done that” while refilling coffee makers. Today’s Groupon provides caffeinated reinforcements of the will with three packs of white coffee from Caffé Bene in six outlets. Choose from:

  • 1 set for RM18.80 instead of RM26.40
  • 2 sets for RM34.80 instead of RM52.80

Each set includes

  • 1x pack of cappuccino caramel
  • 1x pack of caffe latte slim
  • 1x pack of caffe latte original

Each pack includes 4x sachets of coffee.

Caffé Bene

With a name translating to “good café”, Caffé Bene strives to bring customers the best coffee within a European ambience. From its roots as the largest café chain in South Korea, it has since opened outlets in China, Mongolia, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the United States, presenting customers coffee variants including Americano, Espresso, Cappuccino, Caramel Macchiato, and hand-dripped Brazilian coffee alongside Korean bingsu shaved ice, gelato, waffles, and Snowflake desserts. Hankerings for a caffeine boost can be sated at Caffé Bene’s ten outlets across Malaysia.

Facebook: Caffebene Malaysia

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