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Lazada Malaysia
Dim Sum Buffet or Hotpot Semi-Buffet at Meisan Szechuan Chinese Restaurant in Quality Hotel City Centre
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RM37 RM81.30
690 bought

The deal

Dim sum buffet

  • Meal for 1 person for RM37 instead of RM44.30

Hotpot semi-buffet

  • Meal for 2 people for RM42 instead of RM49
  • Meal for 4 people for RM79 instead of RM97.90
  • Meal for 6 people for RM110 instead of RM146.90

What you get

Dim sum buffet

  • Each person gets:
  • Deep fried selection:
    - Sesame ball with lotus paste
    - Yam balls with assorted meat
    - Spring roll
    - Wantan
    - Prawn dumpling with cheese
    - Beancurd skin with prawn
    - Turnip cake with beansprout and chives
  • Pasty selection:
    - Mini egg tart
    - BBQ chicken puff
    - Egg custard puff
  • Porridge selection:
    - Chicken porridge with assorted condiments
  • Yong tau foo selection:
    - Stuffed chilli
    - Stuffed eggplant
    - Stuffed lady finger
    - Stuffed bitter-gourd
  • Steamed selection:
    - Minced chicken dumpling with egg yolk
    - Minced chicken dumpling with spring onion
    - Fresh shrimp dumpling
    - Chin-chow-style vegetables dumpling
    - Chicken wing with Chinese herbs
    - Thai-style slice fish
    - Chicken feet with black bean sauce
    - Beancurd roll with oyster sauce
    - Fish ball
    - Fish paste with egg yolk
    - Mixed seafood stuffed with beancurd skin
    - Chicken dumpling with seaweed skin and egg skin
    - Glutinous rice with chicken and mushroom
  • Steamed pau selection:
    - BBQ chicken bun
    - Shanghainese mini dumpling bun
    - Kaya paste bun
    - Chicken dumpling in superior soup
  • Dessert selection:
    - Assorted French pastries
    - Assorted puddings
    - Cream caramel
    - Assorted jellies
    - Sweetened honey sea coconut with white fungus tong sui
    - Fresh fruit

Hotpot semi-buffet

  • Each group of 2 people gets:
  • Soup base:
    - Chicken
    - Tom yum
  • Vegetables:
    - Chinese cabbage
    - Round cabbage
    - Vegetable mustard (sawi)
    - Young corn
    - Spinach
    - Shitake mushroom
    - Shimeji mushroom
    - Inoki mushroom
    - Hard beancurd
    - Japanese beancurd
  • Seafood and meats:
    - Tiger prawn
    - Half shell mussels
    - Dory fish
    - Fish cake
    - Fish ball
    - Squid
    - Lala
    - Crabstick
    - Chicken frankfurter
    - Egg
    - Quail egg
  • Noodles:
    - Yellow mee
    - Mee hoon
  • Extras:
    - Fried rice (based on rotation)
    - Mee goreng (based on rotation)
    - 20 types of assorted condiments
    - Fresh fruit

Meisan Szechuan Chinese Restaurant

Situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Meisan Szechuan Chinese Restaurant offers busy individuals a wide selection of steamed and fried dim sum as fingers learn the art of chopstick handling and plate twirling in their humble lambently-lit domain. Feast on steamed siew mai, chicken feet, beancurd rolls, and chee cheong fun while satisfying cravings for stir-fried radish cake, sesame balls, and yam dumplings galore alongside constant refills of chicken porridge and fried rice, as well as refreshing drinks and fresh fruits to crown off gastronomic meals.

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