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Lazada Malaysia
Hadramot Village: Chicken Kebab & Rice Set Meal with Drinks for Up to 4 People
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RM25 RM80
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They say that Arabic and Mexican jokes are all the same – if you’ve heard Juan, you’ve heard Amal. Today’s Groupon shares sense of humour with a chicken kebab and rice set meal at Hadramot Village in Kuala Lumpur. Choose from:

  • Meal for 2 people for RM25 instead of RM55
  • Meal for 4 people for RM48 instead of RM110

Each group of 2 people gets

  • Chicken kebab OR chicken
  • Mandy rice
  • Kabsa rice
  • Lamb soup
  • Sahawek sauce
  • 2x glasses of iced lemon tea

Hadramot Village

Located at four outlets centred mainly in the Klang Valley and Penang, guests can fulfill cravings for rich Middle Eastern flavours in dishes like lamb mandy, shistaouk, and Iranian kebabs. The restaurant charms diners upon entry with its signature Arabesque design and decor featuring scads of Islamic-style geometric patterns etched into its walls and chandeliers, before whisking them off into gastronomic ecstasy through its variety of well-known and beloved Arabic classic as well as a few creative takes on Western cuisine with dishes like bashamel pizza and sandwiches. Patrons can also linger on for an array of desserts, drinks, and juices while a shisha pipe filled with one’s flavour combination of choice.

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