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Lazada Malaysia
Disney-Themed Mini OR 2-Tier Jelly Cakes at Q Jelly
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RM79 RM197
201 bought

The deal

  • Mini jelly cakes for RM79 instead of RM118
  • 2-tier jelly cake for RM98 instead of RM158

Product specifications and features

Mini jelly cakes design (choose 1)

  • A - Mickey & Minnie Mouse
  • B - Sofia the First
  • C - Disney Princess
  • D - Frozen
  • E - Toy Story
  • F - Planes

2-tier jelly cakes design (choose 1)

  • A - Mickey Mouse
  • B - Minnie Mouse
  • C - Frozen

Jelly cake is highly perishable. Customers are advised to keep it refrigerated below 4⁰C and consume within 2 days of purchase.

Q Jelly

Established in 2006, owner Stephanie Yong raises the bar for creative confections by offering a wide range of personally designed jelly cakes. Springy jellies come to life with FDA-approved food colour dyes, as natural ingredients imported from Japan are low in cholesterol, do not contain food additives, and are free from animal products.

Q Jelly Bakery does not use lard or alcohol in its confectionery.

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