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vWash: RM128 for 21-Services Auto Detailing with Meguiar's 5-Layer Polish (worth RM1,150)
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RM128 RM1278
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Good driving skills are acquired through a lot of practice, much like walking on stilts and making children believe they have coins behind their ears. Practice makes perfect with today’s Groupon: for RM128, you get a 21-services auto detailing package for one car (RM1,150 value) from vWash in Bandar Puteri Puchong.

Package includes

  • Meguiar’s car wash
  • Engine bay cleaning
  • Claying with Meguiar’s D155
  • Meguiar’s dirt cutting
  • Meguiar’s polishing
  • Meguiar’s waxing
  • Synthetic gloss protection
  • Headlamp polishing
  • Wiper cleaning
  • Windscreen and all-window degreasing
  • Windscreen and all-window watermark removal
  • Rain repellent application on windscreen and all windows
  • Dark plastic coating (for exterior only)
  • Rim cleaning
  • Tar removal
  • Door frame cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Floor mat cleaning
  • Dashboard shining
  • Anti-bacterial nano mist treatment
  • Tyre shining


vWash has been providing high shines and clean rides to vehicular owners using Meguiar’s car care products for up to five years. A wide range of auto detailing services meets various needs of dust-coated stallions while a seating area equipped with television ensures humans remain entertained as they await makeovers of mechanical beloveds.

Facebook: vWash

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