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Lazada Malaysia
RM49 for Auto Detailing with Sealant Coating (worth RM150). Dual Action Polishing Available
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RM49 RM199
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The deal

  • Detailing with sealant coating for RM49 instead of RM150
  • Detailing with sealant coating and dual action polishing for RM89 instead of RM350

Package includes

  • Sealant application
    - Package without polishing: up to 3 months protection
    - Package with polishing: up to 6 months protection
  • Wash with wax and shampoo application
  • Bug and tar removal
  • Wheel and rim cleaning
  • Tyre guard cleaning and tyre shining
  • Wipe-down of windows and windscreen
  • Dashboard and door-panel dressing
  • Vacuuming
  • Application of V4 Extreme All-In-One Polish (for package with dual action polishing only)
  • Application of Blitz High Shine Acrylic Spray Sealant
  • Air freshener installation

Goodwell Car Goods

Show appreciation to wheeled companions with auto detailing packages, offering professional services to spruce up vehicles internally and externally. Auto techs apply various techniques such as waxing, polishing, and claying to metallic husks, while Nano coating treatments protect surfaces from water streaks.Â

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